Parents, Claim leadership in your home and Cultivate a shared identity that feels more like a team than opponents! 

Mother Teresa said, "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." 

Is it really that simple? Yes. Easy? No!

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Hi! I'm Jodi

Family Culture Expert, Life Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

Family Culture is all about blending your individual and collective values and norms to create a cohesive unit. Every family has a culture whether by design or by default. Your family can become the epicenter of a cultural revolution for changing the ethos of how you discipline, educate, form policies, and define the economy. 

This is a show about systems and strategies of successful cultures. We discuss values and tactics for facing family problems, changing dysfunctional patterns, and giving yourself grace when it comes to raising a family in a changing world. Everything will be on the table as we discuss topics ranging from media literacy to financial literacy, normalizing sexual health to normalizing family dinners, and much, much more. 

Join me every week with guests from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to bring you practical insights, powerful tools, and reliable resources for navigating your family culture journey with intention and compassion. We’re here to support you in implementing best practices and solutions for your family. Together, we can bring families back to the center of society as the means of progress and innovation, transforming the social mores of our communities, and bringing our families into the 21st Century. 

I’m Jodi Chaffee. I’m a homeschool mom, seasoned podcaster, coach, and family culture expert. My husband, Michael, and I are on our own family culture journey to change our trajectory. You will hear him join the discussion sometimes, too. For more than three years, I have studied business culture and compared it to families. We are on a mission to break away from the status quo that has failed us and redefine our own culture using the skills I learned as I studied these principles. This has resulted in a powerful framework for hacking successful cultures and applying it to families who want to live with intention.

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What does it takes to have a successful family? It takes planning and trust. When Michael and I first got started, we thought "all you need is love" right? So, why do so many families fail?

I started asking myself how to thrive as a family struggling to make ends meet, figure out our vision, and raise successful kids. 

Then I started asking experts and learning there is a pattern that leads to success. I'm collecting everything I'm learning inside of the Family Success Toolbox.

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